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The Greater Charleston South Carolina Chapter was founded in 1984, and has been a strong association for professional chefs, culinarians, students, and food professionals.  Its comradery, education ,and giving back to the community has been a mainstay with the chapter and goes hand in hand with the ACF as a whole.  Charleston is a “Food town” consisting of many professionals but it is also a start of many young culinarians in pursuit of there career. ​

The ACF’s strongest asset is there nationally recognized certification program.  It gives each individual the opportunity to obtain a professional certification designating them as accomplished professional n the industry.  It also sends an American team to the culinary Olympics where the team competes against the world on the culinary stage.  The most exciting part of the Association is the networking and collaboration between chefs and food professionals from the local level to national and  international as well.  If you want to be part of this exciting association come join.  Great chefs belonging to a great association that is the recipe !

Kitchen Staff
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